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XBoard Experience

XBoard: Surfing the last mile

It drives the way you feel! Our e-scooter combines convenient mobility for the last mile with a new feeling: surfing the city streets. It is flexible, safe and intuitive to use. Our one-click folding mechanism is just one of the smart features that make your everyday mobility fun. Get ready for a completely new driving experience.

Total weight
18 kg
30 Nm
Climbing ability
20 %
Battery charging time
2.5 h
Simply different

Welcome on XBoard

We have reinvented the e-scooter. Thanks to our lightweight technology and innovative design, the XBoard is extremely convenient, comfortable and safe to ride, and offers a uniquely relaxed driving experience. Simply unfold it, hop on and drive off: It feels like riding a surfboard. Say hello to #drivethewave

Supreme handling

Surfing safely through the city

Two front wheels with independent suspension provide unmatched handling and directional stability for small city scooters when going around corners and even on bumpy roads. The double-wheel front grip makes your journey safe through to the end.

Full suspension for full grip

The chassis for a new kind of flow

Rear wheel suspension completes our unique chassis. This innovative triple suspension absorbs shocks and bumps with ease, ensures excellent grip throughout, and guarantees a new kind of flow on the road.

Geschäftsmann steht vor dem XBoard
Geschäftsmann surft auf dem XBoard
Geschäftsmann steht mit Sonnenbrille vor dem XBoard
Drive the wave

Surf feeling on the last mile

The last mile can often turn out the most annoying part of the journey. You're almost there but there's still this final stretch. The XBoard is your game changer. Smooth, safe and smart, it's the cool way to arrive at your destination with a surf feeling on the last mile.

Unique folding mechanism

Still your buddy when you arrive

Thanks to its trolley mode, the XBoard still rolls when folded and stands without support when you're on the train, at the office or having a coffee. You'll never need to carry it for long or be searching where to "park" it. The XBoard is always your buddy: easygoing and never unwieldy, even after the last mile is done.


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