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XBoard App

The dashboard for your city surfboard

The XBoard App is the best mate of your XBoard. It's compact, clearly structured, and transfers all relevant riding information such as speed, distance traveled and battery status directly to your smartphone. In addition, the digital immobilizer gives you peace of mind.

Digitally on the move

Coming soon: the XBoard App at your app store

Unleash further potential of your city surfboard. The XBoard App provides comprehensive statistical information on your driving behavior, highlights the most important key figures when in driving mode, includes password protection for your vehicle and a service center for proper insight into the nuts and bolts of your XBoard – plus: direct contact with our team. Become part of a community on the move and experience how smart your rides can feel.

Das Entsperren und Bedienen des E-Scooters erfolgt praktisch per App.

Simple, clear and at a glance

Maximum control, minimum effort: On the XBoard App dashboard you see all important information at a glance. Whether total distance, average speed or battery status – it's all clearly structured and easy to read. Optimize your rides with all the important data always in view.

XBoard App dashbaord
Surf Mode

Staying in flow with the Surf Mode

With the XBoard App's Surf Mode you never lose track of the data that matters while you ride. It provides you with all the information at a glance: from current speed and driving mode to dynamic range prediction. You can fully concentrate on traffic and road conditions and enjoy your ride.

XBoard App driving

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Junge Frau mit unserem XBoard in der U-Bahn Station