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XBoard technology

Smart design down to the last detail

We have broken completely new ground in designing our three-wheeled e-scooter. Thanks to cutting-edge lightweight technology and design, the XBoard is extremely convenient, comfortable and safe to ride, and offers a uniquely relaxed riding experience. Simply unfold it, hop on and drive: It feels like riding a surfboard. Say hello to #drivethewave

More power

High-performance motor

The XBoard has a specially developed drivetrain and a high-torque engine. It's quick of the mark and powerful, perfect for that surf feeling on the city streets. And you can adjust the motor output to three different modes: Walk, Eco and Sport. It often feels as if you reached your destination way too quickly.

Elektrischer Roller mit Hinterradantrieb.
Beautiful slim

Battery in the steering column

But also aesthetically our premium electric scooter breaks new ground: The battery is housed in the steering column – elegantly hidden and with benefits in terms of handling. And thanks to our lightweight frame made of magnesium, carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced plastic folding it becomes child's play.

Der Akku des E-Rollers befindet sich in der Lenkstange.
Driving pleasure with traction

Chassis, steering and brakes

You can tell the XBoard benefits from our automotive roots. Two front wheels with independent suspension provide unmatched handling and directional stability for small city scooters when going around corners and even on bumpy roads. And all three wheels are equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes and will bring you to a safe stop at all times – in addition, you can activate regenerative braking at the touch of a button on the handlebar.

Stable driving pleasure

Carbon fiber flex chassis
Regenerative braking
Sophisticated and comfortable

Pneumatic tires and full suspension

The XBoard is equipped with independent suspension on both front wheels and the rear wheel. It absorbs small bumps in the road and cushions shocks, and ensures a safe and controlled driving style even on varied road surfaces. Our 8.5 inch pneumatic tires with integrated disc brakes add to the comfort and safety of your ride.

Smooth and controlled driving

8.5 inch pneumatic tires
Full suspension front & rear
Junge Frau mit unserem XBoard in der U-Bahn Station

Thought out in every detail

Up to 30 km pure electric range

Full suspension front & rear

Hydraulic disc brakes front & rear

8.5 inch pneumatic tires

18 kg total weight

LED front, rear & signal lights

48 volt battery

Smart folding mechanism

The XBoard App

Dashboard for the city surfboard

The XBoard app is as functional and sophisticated as our city surfboard. In a neat and compact display it transfers all the information you need to your smartphone, such as speed, distance and charge status. And the digital immobilizer gives you peace of mind when parking your small city scooter. More to come soon.

Alle Details des eScooters im Überblick dank Xboard App.

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