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FAQs and technical data

Progress in motion

If you have any questions about your XBoard, availability, delivery, and/or costs, the information is right here.

XBoard - your premium e-scooter

Order, delivery and service

Be exclusively involved when we open the doors in May for the strictly limited quantity of the XBoard Pioneer Edition. If you sign up for the newsletter today, you will have the chance – before the official sales launch – to purchase an XBoard and secure one of the first scooters this year!

The official XBoard store is expected to go online in June 2024. Be on the lookout and subscribe to our newsletter. That way you won't miss the launch.

No, you will be able to order the XBoard online exclusively through our e-commerce store. Whether we will also work with retail partners in the future is still open. More information will follow.

We will start selling and shipping in 2024 in Germany, from 2025 onwards in other European countries and from 2026 in the USA. 

Can you hardly wait? Neither can we! We expect the scooter production to begin at the second quarter 2024, and we will start shipping mid-year,  just in time for the summer season! If you want to be among the first XBoarders, save some of that anticipation, or just stay up to date: follow us on our social media channels and sign up for our newsletter. Have fun with your test drive!

The start of deliveries is in June 2024. After purchasing your XBoard, you can expect a delivery time of 2–6 weeks. First come, first surf – the sooner you order your scooter, the sooner it will be at your doorstep.

In the future, we envision that your three-wheeled scooter will drive itself to you. Nevertheless, until then 😉 we will send it to you by parcel delivery.

Do something good for yourself and surf our wave. The non-binding sales price (MSRP) of the XBoard is expected to be €2,249 including VAT. With this you buy a completely new premium e-scooter with many technical highlights and patents, e.g. the "Carbon-Fiber-Flex" chassis or the innovative folding mechanism. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all information about the introductory price and our pre-sales campaign.

We are surfing the digital wave, so the XBoard will clearly be orderable with all common payment methods.

Important topic! The costs for liability insurance and partial casco are between €40 and €80 per year, depending on the selected insurance of the electric scooter and age of the user.

Want to say "Hello" and experience the extraordinary surf feeling? Then visit us at one of our trade shows. You can find all the fairs listed here. To stay updated, follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter. The next U-Mobility trade show is in July (3-7) at Eurobike in Frankfurt am Main.

We will offer technical support for the XBoard as of mid-year 2024. Detailed information will follow shortly.

Currently we are planning a Germany-wide shipping service to return our electric scooter. More information will follow soon.

XBoard- your electric scooter with practical folding mechanism

Questions about the product

Don't worry, you can enjoy the surfing feeling in the city for a long time. With a full battery charge, the XBoard will take you up to 30 km - depending on riding style, gradient, surface, tire pressure, temperature and rider weight. And there's another important feature: the XBoard uses recuperation technology that keeps the battery charged when braking your small city scooter or going downhill.

Time always plays a role, but you only have to expect a charging time of about 2.5 hours for a full charge of your scooter. And don't worry too much about where, as a standard household outlet (100 - 240 volts) will suffice.

No. The battery is housed in the handlebars of your e-scooter. Aesthetically, the XBoard goes its own way.

You can easily lock the XBoard using a PIN code. This means that it can no longer be started or driven. One more tip: Secure your XBoard with a robust bicycle lock, e.g. on bicycle stands or fences. This will prevent any unwanted surprises. In the future, we will also provide an app that, together with a GPS in your XBoard, will ensure additional security.

Sure, the world is digital – and so is our city surfboard. At the start of production, you will be able to enjoy the XBoard app. More2come. Don’t miss any news and sign up for our newsletter

We have equipped the XBoard with an innovative, patented "Carbon-Fiber-Flex" chassis to ensure a safe ride on any surface. With the innovative folding mechanism you can fold your XBoard with just one click - so you can take it everywhere and pull it behind you like a cool trolli. Furthermore, you ride on three wheels to counteract a loss of control in balance, among other things. Two front wheels with independent suspension provide unprecedented stability and directional stability for small city scooters - with them you always have grip. In addition, hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) provide the most effective braking performance. With the design of our surfboard for the city, we have completely reinvented the e-scooter. The battery is housed in the handlebar - elegantly hidden and with advantages in handling. In particular, the folding frame made of magnesium, carbon fiber and fiberglass is an innovative work of art. Thanks to lightweight technology and a clever design, the XBoard combines practicality, comfort and high safety with a uniquely relaxed riding experience.

The XBoard is equipped with a foldable lightweight frame made out of carbon fiber, fiber-reinforced plastic and aluminum.

Interesting question, the motherland of the XBoard is Germany, and it is also produced in Germany.

XBoard - speed limit depends on each country

Legal issues

You can enjoy the completely new XBoard riding experience at a maximum speed (electrically assisted) of 20 km/h. In other countries such as France, we will sell the e-scooter in a 25 km/h variant.

You must be at least 14 years old to cruise on the XBoard.

You can ride the XBoard if you are between 120 cm and 200 cm tall. The handlebar of this electric scooter is height-adjustable, so it can be perfectly adjusted to your height.

You can surf like a wave on the XBoard if you weigh up to 120 kg.

You can set your own motor power. The XBoard offers the riding modes Walk (walking speed), Eco (energy saving) or Sport (maximum power). You decide how fast you want to get to your destination.

Be careful and ride the XBoard alone. Do not let any other person ride with you on your e-scooter. And please note that children are not allowed on the XBoard either.

The XBoard has a general operating permit (ABE), which means that it is officially approved and may be used in public traffic and on paved roads. Riding on bike paths, bike lanes and in bike lanes is allowed. Only if these are missing, you may switch to the roadway. National laws always apply.

According to the German Road Traffic Act, you do not have to wear a helmet on vehicles up to a maximum speed of 20 km/h. But your safety is very important to us, so we recommend that you wear a certified helmet every time you ride.

Technical data

Light. Powerful. Flexible.

Weight incl. battery
18 kg
up to 30 km
Maximum speed
20 km/h
Charging time
2.5 h
Drive train
Mubea proprietary development
Rated continuous power
500 W
30 Nm
Peak output
1,000 W
Gradient capability
up to 20 %
Maximum speed
up to 20 km/h (electrically assisted)
Weight incl. battery
18 kg
lightweight folding frame made of magnesium, carbon fiber and glass fiber plastic
Max. load
120 kg
Dimensions ready to ride (L x W handlebar x H)
106 cm x 47 cm x 111 cm
Folding dimensions (L x W x H)
44 cm x 47 cm x 100 cm
Height-adjustable handlebar
yes, 11 cm stroke (100 cm - 111 cm)
Footboard dimensions
67 cm x 19 cm
841 mm
48 V lithium-ion battery, non-removable
Battery capacity
336 Wh
Charging time
2.5 h
up to 30 km
full front & rear suspension (Carbon-Fiber-Flex chassis)
Speed modes
3 modes (Walk / Eco / Sport)
pneumatic tires front and rear (8.5 inch)
yes, front and rear
hydraulic disc brakes front & rear
Rear lights
yes, by PIN code
Subject to registration
no, only subject to insurance
Water resistance
Erwachsener fährt  unseren Elektrotretroller: das XBoard von U-Mobility.